The Bacon Vodka Experiment

July 19, 2009 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

A while back I came across a post on Brownie Points that perked my attention – bacon flavored… vodka?

Now, I’m not a huge bacon fan. For the most part it’s just a decent occasional side to breakfast, but I don’t go nuts over the stuff, and haven’t really participated in what has basically been a bacon-loving fad that’s been going around over the last year or two. (with the possible exception of Contagion’s Bacon Explosion… damn that thing was good), and I wasn’t real sure about bacon flavored alcohol… but then figured, hey at least somebody liked it enough to bottle it and give it as a gift, so maybe it can’t be so bad?

So I bought a $6 bottle or rotgut and a pack of bacon and started the process.


Step 1: Fry up some bacon

Add bacon to mason jar

Step 2: Place fried up bacon into mason jar

Add bacon to vodka

Step 3: Add vodka to mason jar with bacon

The "infusion" stage

Step 4: Stash into a dark, cool counter for a while so baconness can infuse into vodka for a while. The linked web site suggested at least 3 weeks – trust me, it doesn’t take that long. This was very strong after only about 9 days.

Bacon Vodka - the final product

Step 5: Place into freezer for a while to solidify the fats. Pour through coffee filter. This is the finished product after filtering.

So… How does it taste?

Well, let me tell ya, I tried a couple of sips of this stuff straight – and wow, was it horrible. I mean just about upchuck-enducingly bad. I just don’t think bacon was meant to be taken in liquid form.
I tried mixing it with some vermouth, to sort of make a bacon-laced martini? No good – it’s not as bad, but still not something I’d want to drink.

But, based on one of Contagion’s suggestions I did try it with some bloody mary mix, and… it’s really not bad at all – the heavy taste of the tomato and spices is enough to cut back the bacon enough that it’s balanced out enough to be drinkable, and it’s actually a pretty interesting flavor.

So there you go – it’s easy to make, but I probably wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re a HUGE fan of bacon and/or bloody marys.

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