Harbor Freight’s new web site “forgets” to post the bad reviews

June 11, 2010 at 6:35 am (Uncategorized)

I was pretty happy to see that Harbor Freight finally updated their web site to allow customers to post product reviews. Considering *many* of the tools they sell are crap, this is much needed to allow for a better informed customer.

However, what’s NOT needed is for the site to skew the ratings to a dishonestly high rating because they fail to post the bad ratings.

Prime example: I’ve bought several of their power tools, and posted reviews for many of them about a week ago, most in the 3-4 star range because I’ve been pretty content with most of them.

However, among my purchases was this “80 piece rotary tool kit” (Item #97626):

It is seriously the 2nd shittiest tool I’ve ever bought, right behind a useless rechargable screwdriver that runs out of power in about 5 minutes and doesn’t let you keep the charger plugged in for more than a few hours without worrying about catching something on fire, which would be my #1 (and was also purchased at Harbor Freight).
Anyway, this one I gave 1 star, along with a detailed explanation of why.
My 3&4 star reviews have been posted for days now. The 1 star review has yet to be posted.
I had been thinking of posting reviews on this web site anyway back when they didn’t have customer reviews on the site, due to the varying quality of their products. Looks like I may have to continue planning on that, considering how they apparently are going to be “selective” about which reviews they allow to be shown on the site.



  1. Simon said,

    Thank you. It’s on sale @ $7.99 this week and after reading your review, you just saved me $7.99 and some gas plus time. Chances are you save me much more than $7.99 because I always end more more than what I need whenever I go! =)

  2. William said,

    Ah, so I’m not the only one! They posted all my 5 star reviews (3 or 4), and didn’t post anything I gave a 4 star or below. That is pure deception! The silly part is my one of the reviews is a 4 star review and wasn’t really a bad review. Bought a 10 pack of solar lights and 2 didn’t work (I rigged them to work bad sensors). Thing is the lights are 5 star rated at the moment and I am assuming they are not wanting my 4 star review to mess that up. I will not trust the reviews on their site any longer if that is how they do business.

    http://www.harborfreight.com/review/product/list/id/1812/#customer-reviews <–the lights in question

  3. Fujisawa Rob said,

    The search engine on the new site is horrible. I complained to customer service, good luck.

  4. William said,

    They finally posted my reviews, but only after I emailed and complained. I’m not sure how much I would trust their product reviews.

  5. Bob said,

    Here is a place where you can leave any comments and reviews about Harbor Freight and they will not get deleted. Enjoy!


  6. sierrahotel058 said,

    About a year ago I bought the 4′x8′ folding trailer kit from HF. I am very happy with the trailer, but I did have a couple of problems (with the lights, etc.) when I put it together.
    I decided to write a short review… mainly to help others avoid the problems I encountered when assembling their kit. I wrote the review (gave it 5 stars!) and submitted it. It never appeared on the HF site.
    I emailed customer service and asked about it. They replied that “customer reviews are selected on a random basis”. Wasted effort on my part.
    Based on this experience, I don’t think reviews on the HF site can be trusted. I don’t take the trouble to write a lot of reviews (probably less than fifty total), but I have NEVER had one not appear on a site. Something smells here.

  7. Seymour Hiney said,

    Have they shut down the reviews? Most seem very old and I’m not able to post reviews at all anymore!

  8. Robert Cipriani said,

    Some good, impartial sites to check are hfreviews.com and a Pass/Fail thread that’s somewhere on Garage Journal.

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