So hey, did I mention I got married?

January 31, 2012 at 10:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Yeah, things were crazy for a while, but they’ve been calmed down for a while although I’ve been working crazy amounts of overtime, and you’d think I would have been able to mention something about this by now.

LabGirl and I were wed on October 15, 2011, just after 3:00.
It was a beautiful autumn day, outside at the forest preserve (in fact it rained for several days *before* and *after* the wedding weekend, but not on the weekend itself, which was just a blessed event in itself).
I rented one of the huuuuge shelters, and the park service was kind enough to have somebody pull out all of the heavy-arse tables for us so we could put rows of chairs in there instead.
The guys and I showed up a few hours early to help decorate and set up, the lanterns and chandeliers presenting a bit of a challenge.

When LabGirl arrived and saw how the place was set up, she got all teary-eyed saying it was perfect. (Actually she spent a good part of the day teary-eyed, but hey. And yes, happy tears. Very, very happy tears – I have never seen her so happy).

It was a fairly short and sweet ceremony, ordained by the pastor of the church that my family has attended (at least off-and-on) since I was a baby and who preformed the funeral services for my mother earlier in the year.

The procession walked down the aisle to the Montreal Guitar Trio’s acoustic rendition of “Ecstasy of Gold,” (a little touch of Metallica that I think only the right people noticed), and LabGirl walked down the aisle to “Question” by Rhett Miller.
The vows were fairly standard with a couple of little tweaks, the ceremony involved a couple of prayers, and finished with a Bell of Truce ceremony (replacing that tired old “unity candle” thing), a Celtic/Irish tradition where a bell is blessed with the love of the day, rang during the ceremony, and then placed in a location of prominence in the home – the point being that if an ugly brawl ever breaks out, we both reserve the right to grab that bell and give it a rang, calling an instant truce – it’s meant to bring back memories and feelings of that day.
We exchanged rings, and vows, and kisses, and then walked out to the tune of “Say Hey (I love you),” making our way to our waiting chauffeured Rolls Royce.

At the reception, “Bliss” was our first dance, and the father-daughter dance was to “I Loved Her First,” which even had me a bit weepy-eyed.

It was a truly amazing day. As expected there were glitches here and there but nothing to get upset about, and our friends and family were an incredible help throughout the whole thing.

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