RIP, Mom

May 23, 2011 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I suppose I should make mention of this, even though I’m fairly certain nobody really looks at this blog any longer…

Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago, after what became about a year and a half long battle with brain cancer.
“Officially” her passing was called at 12:35a on May 6th, though in reality it happened somewhere between 9:30p-11:30p on the 5th. I had just been over for a visit until about 9, shortly after which dad went to bed for a couple of hours before attempting to give mom a pill again around 11:30.
I got a call around 11:45 from dad, saying that he was pretty sure she had died, wasn’t breathing, and her color was changing.
Even in those last minutes, as he was saying that he was pretty certain she had passed, I could tell that a part of him was grasping at a tiny shred of hope that maybe she would start breathing again, that maybe she would wake up again.

But sadly that wasn’t to be. I drove right back over there again, right around the same time her nurse was arriving. Once there it didn’t take long for her to confirm that mom had in fact passed, though to “call” it she had to use the date & time when she made the determination, which came out to be the next day because midnight had passed.

Apparently the hospice service had notified her church pastor, who was kind enough to stop by in the middle of the night and spend some time with us, and had us join in a prayer.

And I stood by as the funeral home came to retrieve her, and I watched as they carried her away by hand after wrapping her in a sheet because the doorways of the house have turns that are too tight for a gurney.

And then I stayed the night so dad wouldn’t have to spend that night alone, only getting about 3 hours of sleep, and calling in to work in the morning to let them know I wouldn’t be there for a week or so.

I’ll miss her very much. We weren’t super close, as often happens between mothers and sons through the years, but I think of anything that just makes me wish I had gotten to know her better when I had the chance.

I do try to think of it as positively as possible: she was so bad off for many months that I can’t imagine anyone would want to spend life like that any longer than they had to.
And I do know that if there’s a Heaven, she’s definitely there.

Rest in peace, mom; I love you.


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  1. Joy said,

    Of course, someone is reading.

    Sending you hugs, S. I’m so sorry for your loss, but from what you said of her condition for many months, she is in a better place. I’m sure Heaven is being good to her.

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