Proposals, Engagements, and Other Such Mushy Stuff

June 13, 2010 at 9:02 pm (Dating and Girls)

So I suppose I should attempt to write an actual entry about this 😛

On May 17th it was 2 years to the day since LabGirl and I first met over a cup of coffee, in a little cafe nearby.
We got our wraps and our drinks, and an obnoxiously rich dessert.

And over dessert the talk got a little mushy-like, and we talked about how great the last couple of years had been,
I told her that I would really like spending forever with her.
She returned the sentiment.
I told her that was great, because I had something on my mind I had been meaning to ask her.
Which was when I put a little box with a pretty little ring in it in front of her, and asked her if she would marry me.

She kinda put her hands over her mouth, got really choked up, and managed to get out an “of course!” before trying on the ring:

Looks like the wedding is going to be October 2011!


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