Harbor Freight’s new web site “forgets” to post the bad reviews

June 11, 2010 at 6:35 am (Uncategorized)

I was pretty happy to see that Harbor Freight finally updated their web site to allow customers to post product reviews. Considering *many* of the tools they sell are crap, this is much needed to allow for a better informed customer.

However, what’s NOT needed is for the site to skew the ratings to a dishonestly high rating because they fail to post the bad ratings.

Prime example: I’ve bought several of their power tools, and posted reviews for many of them about a week ago, most in the 3-4 star range because I’ve been pretty content with most of them.

However, among my purchases was this “80 piece rotary tool kit” (Item #97626):

It is seriously the 2nd shittiest tool I’ve ever bought, right behind a useless rechargable screwdriver that runs out of power in about 5 minutes and doesn’t let you keep the charger plugged in for more than a few hours without worrying about catching something on fire, which would be my #1 (and was also purchased at Harbor Freight).
Anyway, this one I gave 1 star, along with a detailed explanation of why.
My 3&4 star reviews have been posted for days now. The 1 star review has yet to be posted.
I had been thinking of posting reviews on this web site anyway back when they didn’t have customer reviews on the site, due to the varying quality of their products. Looks like I may have to continue planning on that, considering how they apparently are going to be “selective” about which reviews they allow to be shown on the site.


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