Oh hey, it’s a blog thingie

April 8, 2010 at 8:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, I really, really need to be better about using this thing. Amazing what tons of overtime, amazing amounts of stress, and a tendency to just write a sentence or two on Facebook can end up doing to kill a blog.

The defaulting-to-Facebook thing has to be changed around a bit – I mean the stupid little updates like “The steaks came out great on the grill!!!” and that sort of crap is fine there as it’s not exactly noteworthy, but when it comes to writing something that you might wish to re-visit someday or share with people who may not have been lucky enough to catch the message during the incredibly short life a message tends to have on Facebook (what… a few minutes to a few hours, tops, most of the time?) … those need to be blogged. (And, OK, maybe quickly Facebook blurbed about as well 😛 ).
Plus… I’m having trouble remembering if WordPress has the ability to back up to a file or not, but I sort of think it does, and that’d be a much better system for keeping something long-term rather than relying 100% on a free messaging system to remember your jotted thoughts forever.

So here will be an attempt to write what will probably be several updates… assuming the girlfriend doesn’t get annoyed with me ignoring her all evening while I type and pull me away 😉


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