A mom update

April 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm (Uncategorized)

She’s gone through her radiation therapy and two rounds of pill-based chemo.
The results are… not what we had hoped for, but not as bad as they could be, I guess.
Essentially all the radiation and chemo has, at least for now, stopped the brain tumor from growing larger. It did not, however, shrink the tumor at any noticeable level.
I’m torn on whether that’s good or bad.
I mean, it’s good that the halting of tumor growth should allow her to stick around probably significantly longer than she would have been able to if it had continued growing at the rate it was before.
However, that sticking around is while she’s in a deteriorated condition of body and mind that has to be frustrating beyond belief for her and is highly stressful for everyone around her.
She still can’t walk more than a step or two unassisted without falling, and in fact has a lot of trouble with most motor functions. Still can’t use her left eye. Her “communication center” in her brain has been hit hard, so she doesn’t talk much and when she does, it’s very hard for her to find the words she’s looking for – even when it’s stuff like the names of everyday items. She seems to have lost some of her hearing ability. And now and then she’ll seem confused almost in an Alzheimer’s kind of way, such as a couple of weeks ago when dad said “Would you like to talk to your brother?” after answering the phone, and mom didn’t react for several moments, then responding “You’re talking to Steven, right?” …. yeah. I don’t even have a brother.

Honestly it’s very hard for me to see her like this, and because of that I probably don’t go visit her as much as maybe I should – I’m over there at least every 2-3 weeks (which frankly is more frequently than I visited when she was healthy) probably.
Plus I know it wouldn’t help in my attempts to keep LabGirl happy if I were nowhere around every weekend – hell for the last six months she’s barely seen me but a couple of hours a day most days as it is, with how much overtime they’ve had us doing at work until real recently. (She has been very understanding though, and understands stuff like how I want to make sure I’m with mom on all of the major holidays and stuff like that, while I still can).

And dad just continues to be stressed out of his mind. On top of everything happening health-wise with mom (his wife and constant companion for the last forty years), the medical bills have been hitting, and hitting hard. Even with insurance and Medicare, their life savings is pretty much going down the toilet – and both of them just hit retirement age not long ago.


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