A LabGirl Update

April 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm (Dating and Girls)

We’re actually about to hit the 2-year dating mark next month.
Crazy, eh? Almost makes me think she’d be willing to sign on for the long haul 😉

My biggest fear was actually that we’d be at each other’s throats after I moved into her place in late October, shortly followed being essentially being stuck together and having to deal with each other for a pretty long portion of an ugly midwestern winter.
But… we survived that winter, and survived it pretty well. We didn’t end up going for each other’s throats at all, and only had a couple of those “heated discussion” things over the course of the cold whether, which really weren’t even that heated.
Mostly we just curled up under blankets all winter and tried to keep ourselves entertained while trying to push away cabin fever, which was really starting to hit around January-ish or so.

Of course, with me working 50+ hours a week over most of that time maybe we just didn’t see each other enough to piss each other off 😛

But I think it’s more likely that we just really dig each other. Which is cool, cuz I’m really thinking I’d like to keep her around for a long, long while.


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