Blowing a Gasket

November 19, 2009 at 7:56 am (Uncategorized)

So a couple of days ago I was getting ready for work, and all of a sudden I had this MASSIVE headache, and noticed this thingie in my vision that was sort of like the after-image you get after looking into a bright light…. except it wasn’t going away.

I took a crapload of Tylenol and went to work, did some Googling and from my reading it sounded like I was probably having an ocular migraine. I’m not usually a migraine kind of guy, the last time I had one was so long ago I don’t even remember when it was, and the visual thing has never happened, but whatever.
According to the descriptions, it’s harmless, and the visual obsurity usually goes away pretty quickly.

Then yesterday morning, the “blind spot” is still there. Hasn’t moved. Hasn’t faded. Hasn’t reduced in size. Something told me I needed to get this thing checked out in case it’s something a bit more serious than what I was self-diagnosing through Google.

So I make a lunch hour appointment with a local eye specialist, and I end up being there for about 2 hours having a crapload of tests run while the doc kept looking at things and saying she didn’t see anything that looked like it was wrong.
Finally they put me on this funky machine that does a visual scan of the macula (the part of the retina most responsible for your central vision)… and they found the the problem.
Showing me the image, she pointed out where I had somehow blown through a layer of tissue, which was now bubbling up and had a layer of fluid under it – causing the big “spot” in the vision of my right eye.

She said when it happens it’s usually in men in my age group, and that it seems to usually be stress related – then asking if I was under an unusual level of stress lately (to which I simply answered yes, rather than ranting about how noooooo dealing with working 10 hours a day six days a week, and mother dying from brain cancer, and adjusting to newly moving in with my girlfriend, all at the same time, wasn’t an unusual amount of stress at alllll).

She then said there wasn’t much that could be done for it other than to just give it time to heal naturally, which can take up to a few months.
Also scheduled me for an appointment with a retina specialist just to double check.

So… I now get to work on a computer all day with this damned huge spot in the middle of the vision of my right eye for who knows how long. Great.

And I suspect I’ll probably blow out another one once I get the bill for them to tell me there’s nothing I can do – they had to do a crapload of tests to get to that conclusion.


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