Another Mom Update

November 19, 2009 at 7:39 am (Uncategorized)

LabGirl and I stopped by for a visit Sunday afternoon.
Things appear to be progressing in the wrong direction.
She basically tries to not stand up or walk unless she absolutely has to.
And, very sadly, she appears to have completely lost the use of her left eye. She mentioned the doctors have told her that even if they are able to operate on the tumor (which still looks unlikely) she’ll likely never get it back – it seems that once the brain shuts down a vision sense like that it’s next to impossible to turn it back on again, regardless of how much has healed.
She got a couple of calls from relatives while we were there, and just from her describing to them what’s going on, LabGirl had to leave the room because she had started to break down into tears.

Amazing, but Mom actually seems to be the strongest of all of us right now as she goes through all this.

She had a PET scan yesterday. The docs have been unable to even do a biopsy on this brain tumor because it’s so hard to get to, so they’re doing a full body scan actually hoping that this thing has spread somewhere else, so that they can sample it and do a biopsy so they can have a better idea what exactly they’re dealing with. Probably a few days before much comes from it.


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