Shackin’ Up

October 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm (Dating and Girls)

So it’s official, I’ve turned in my notice to the landlady that I won’t be renewing my lease at the end of October.
And in about a week I’ll be starting the slow process of moving all of my crap over to LabGirl’s house.

I have a few uneasy feelings based almost exclusively on past failures – I’ve tried this with other women not once, but twice previously, and both ended very badly.

However, I think we’re a bit more prepared for it this time (she’s had a failed shacking up experience in the past as well).
We both realize this is going to be a lifestyle change for both of us, and we’re both going to need an adjustment period.
I’ve explained that due to the fact that I’m completely changing my environment and she’s just adding me into her, that I might be a bit more freaked out than her for maybe the first couple of weeks.
And that the first few workday mornings are probably going to be pretty rough.

Because we have two of pretty much every piece of furniture, the majority of mine is going to be disassembled and stored in the basement for a little while until things are solidified to the point where I’m comfortable getting rid of some stuff.

And I need to go through another round of un-pack-ratting my shit-tons of crap I have in storage but can’t seem to part with.
I think Goodwill may be getting some sizable donations soon.

Anyway I hope to have most of the misc crap boxed up and ready to move by next weekend, which I’ll take over by car, and then I’m hoping the furniture will fit into the back of her SUV after being taken apart – I think most of it will be OK, the only thing I’m not sure of right off hand is the dresser…

Anyway, here’s hoping the third time is the charm….


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