Mo’ Drugs

September 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

So friday I got a call from my doc’s office.

I’ve already been taking Pravastatin for a little over a year now, due to high cholesterol.
Since I started on that my cholesterol has been fairly well in check, but I have an eventual goal of getting myself to the point where I can get off of it – I don’t like being on any meds more involved than a daily multi-vitamin… and frankly I sometimes have my doubts about even those.
Add on my Zyrtec-D (or the generic equivalent that I buy now) and starting monday I’ll be up to a minimum of 4 pills a day.

Anyway, they’re starting me on Trilipix as of tomorrow, which is a drug that’s taken along with the statin in order to control not only the cholesterol levels, but now also the triglyceride levels, which apparently were through the roof, nearly twice what they should be.

The level being that high basically means that I have been eating *way* too much fatty food.
I mean, it doesn’t seem like I’ve been going crazy with the grease or anything, but I guess over the last year I’ve been a little more free about eating burgers and other fried foods.

Unfortunately this means I’m probably going to have to make some serious changes in my diet and be more careful about what I order when I go out to get something.
And probably eat even more chicken. Sorry, I like chicken and all, but I get sooo sick of it after a little while.



  1. Graumagus said,

    Like I said on FB dude, Tilapia is your friend. Find several seasoning mixes you like, toss the individually vacuum sealed fillets in a sink filled with water for 20 minutes to thaw, rub a bit of olive oil on them, shake our seasoning on, and bake for 10 minutes or so at 400. Easy as hell. Healthy as hell, too, unless you’re seasoning them with bacon.

  2. shadoglare said,

    I might have to give it a try, but I’m not huge on fish. Usually the extent of my fish-eating is buying boxes of the pre-breaded fillet chunks, which probably aren’t very good for me either. In fact I’ve got some cod fillets that have been in the freezer for so long now I’m almost afraid to touch the things. But I suppose I need to try some different stuff to see if I dig it or not.

  3. Graumagus said,

    Tilapia has a very mild flavor. Doesn’t have a strong fish taste like cod. Per pound it it’s just slightly more expensive than ground beef.

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