Game Group: Found

September 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Gaming & RPGs)

So I did some digging around the forums at BoardGameGeek and ran across a guy in the area who gets together with a few people every week or so for gaming – board games on a weeknight and RPGs on the weekends.

RPGs I don’t really care enough about at this point to go try to do it with a bunch of strangers, but meeting a few new people over a board game or two I figured I could deal with.

So I messaged back and forth with him a couple of times, and found out that they play usually weekly at one of the local comic/gaming shops, and it was perfectly fine with them if I wanted to stop by and check it out.

So – although I ended up having to work late and thus missed about 1/4 of the time they were there, I stopped in, introduced myself, met a few folks, and played a couple of games.
We started with Mission: Red Planet which was a somewhat interesting game about getting to Mars and then fighting over resources once you get there. A sort of odd mix somewhere between poker and Risk that was interesting, but I’m kind of undecided if I’d go as far as to actually say it was fun or not.
That took most of our session time, but we finished off with a quick round of Felix: The Cat in the Sack which was a fairly fun little bidding game.

Anyway everybody seemed nice enough and seemed pleasantly open to the idea of me joining them again for future sessions, so I’m thinking this may end up becoming a regular thing – sort of my equivalent of the poker night or bowling league night or whatever other types of nights people tend to have every week.


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