At Work: Layoffs & Wage Cuts

September 17, 2009 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, as of right now I still have a job.
Also as of right now, I’m still not all that sure how good of a thing that is.

Yesterday the company gathered everybody together and announced that due to the company’s inability to land new clients and actually, you know, generate income, that wage earnings were to be reduced in most departments of the company.

The area I work in was one of the only ones not effected – and that’s probably because we already get paid so little that they would be in danger of breaking labor laws if they were to drop it any further.

Then, today, one of my cube-mates was called away into management offices, and never returned. Laid off.

My department usually has 5 people in it. One is out after a surgery. Another called in sick in the morning. And then this one got escorted out partway into the morning.
Which meant that myself and another guy got to do the workload that is usually distributed between 5 today.
Ya, I worked a bit later than usual.

Anyway, another company in my field had posted an ad on Monster a couple of days ago and I jumped right on that puppy – updated the resume and got that posted to their web site (which was a complete pain in the ass – why is it that every online application system I’ve seen has been such a pain to use??) so if I’m really, really lucky maybe I’ll hear from them.
I did get an email from them this morning asking me to update information regarding my ethnicity – not sure what that’s about unless they’ve got some quote they’re trying to fill or something, sheesh.

Anyway I’m hoping something comes through, because not only have I had endless problems at my current company, which I’ve vented about plenty of times in the past, but the way they’re going I’m having serious doubts that this company is still going to exist a year from now.
They’re losing money like crazy and haven’t landed any new clients in forever.
And as of a year or so ago they’re now owned by a company in India who is so far separated that I’m sure all they see is numbers, and those numbers haven’t been good in a while.


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