The (music) Negativity Removal Project

July 19, 2009 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

Lately I’ve been spending a good chunk of time off and on searching for new music. See, I’ve run into a bit of a conundrum with it – problem is, the types of music I most like are hard rock, blues rock, and sometimes some metal-ish stuff.
However, at the same time, I realized a while back that life is actually pretty good. I’m not loving my job but things seem to be improving there, I have a great girl who I’m fairly confident will end up being “the one,” I have good friends and family nearby… I mean really, what do I have to bitch about aside from wishing I had a bit more disposable income?

So – what is there in this music that I can relate to? Almost all of the song subjects are angry, depressive, or both – don’t rock bands ever have a good day that they can talk about?
In my searches I’ve found other people asking the same thing – where’s the happy metal?
I think some of us are probably having flashbacks of much of the music that was considered into this genre back in the 80’s and early 90’s – back when a lot of the bands just had fun lyrics, and didn’t feel the need to fill 3+ albums with non-stop angst.
The “nu-metal” genre seems to be especially bad for this from what I’ve noticed. You can pull up a song sample list on Amazon, and is essentially about how life sucks or how his girl is a hateful and sometimes suicidal bitch or how the world is out to get you, etc etc etc etc ad naseum.

About the only modern US band I’ve found that doesn’t really fall into this may (surprisingly) Rob Zombie – I’m not saying his music isn’t dark, it is, but it’s not spiteful, hateful, “my life sucks” shit like so many other bands are spewing out. It’s more along the lines of “cinematic” dark themes – basically he’s a huge horror movie buff, apparently especially of the “campy” variety, and those themes tend to enter his music.

It’s looking like that “cinematic” dark may be the direction I end up having to lean towards if I don’t have much luck finding more “happy hard rock” – another band I discovered not long ago that appears to have this similar type of theme is Within Tempation (although, now that I think about it, they’re not American either). The sound is similar to Evanescence except with less angst and more werewolves.

Really what I keep running into as far as themes that fall into either a fun or fantasy/cinematic theme is more often than not in the “progressive metal” or “euro metal” category. This is stuff I can take in somewhat small doses – I kind of like Symphony X, for example. But overall most of these bands just don’t do it for me – they’re too synthesiser heavy, and it seems like they’re really bad at choosing vocalists, and it often seems like they are able to put together a good guitar riff but when it comes to arranging an entire song, not so much.

So, most of the negativity has been removed from my life, but I still have a little work to do. I’ve sort of naturally drifted away from people in my life who were I guess you could say emotionally draining, which is a good thing, and I highly recommend it for anyone else who similar relationships, and I don’t just mean of the romantic variety.
Although I’d like to have more money (and I’m still working on it), I’m not obsessed over a need for it, and can deal with not having a shiny new everything – another lesson I think more people could use to learn.

Now if only I can find some entertainment that provides a little but of adrenaline without trying to convince me that slitting my wrists might not be such a bad idea, all should be good 😛


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