Work Update

June 7, 2009 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

I suppose I might as well try to get the work bitching out of the way early.

To try and summarize, the situation at work continues to spiral downward , and the only reason I’m still there continues to be that I just haven’t found anywhere else to go yet.

About two weeks ago I received a “verbal warning” indicating that 1) I had not been meeting production goals, causing at least one pay period of pay below minimum wage which they had to adjust for, and 2) I was chatting on the job too much. Seriously.
I really just wasn’t in the mood to argue about it, even though 1) was actually caused be a few factors, that being a) most days they don’t supply us with enough work, b)part of this was based on the follow-up dates indicated in our tracking software, which I wasn’t aware they were actually using for anything, so I wasn’t bothering to actually update those dates, and c) how they really had no right to act all surprised that I wasn’t doing well in a position that I told them repeatedly was not a good fit for me and that I probably wouldn’t do well in. And regarding point 2, anybody how knows me at any more than just an acquaintance level knows that’s just a load of shit – I am not exactly a motormouth, especially not compared to the majority of the dozens of chatty girls who work around me who I’m sure have not gotten warnings for talking.

The manager did inform me however that I was being moved (probably due to my constant bitching about it every time I talk to her) to another area – which will still be a f-ing phone job, but that might be a better fit. Plus it will probably piss off other employees less who are getting sick of me sending their call requests back when they ask me to call for stupid shit that they could figure out on their own if they had bothered to take a minute to look.

Now, I almost blew my stack, and just about walked out of the place, when a few days later it was announced that the company was releasing a job posting, stating that they needed “several” people to fill positions that were coming open – positions that were of the type that I had asked repeatedly over the last 6-7 months to be moved to, after which I was repeatedly told by the management that there simply were no openings and that I couldn’t be put anywhere that wasn’t on a phone.
Thus, essentially proving that the management had straight-faced lied to me repeatedly over the last several months.

Later that afternoon, I sent a call request back to another employee trying to be helpful, explaining that the information she was wanting me to call another branch about was actually available right on one of her screens, if she had bothered to take 2 minutes to look up what the code meant in the online reference (well, OK, my response was written a little more diplomatically than that, but that was basically the point). The response was, to paraphrase, that I needed to just shut the hell up and do what I’m told.

I’ve had a lot of PO’d days at that employer, but this day took the cake by a long shot, and in fact my call volume was WAY down for most of the day, mainly for consideration of the people I had to call, because I didn’t want to bite of the heads of random bystanders over the phone.

Now, I start the new still-on-a-phone-but-hopefully-less-shitty job tomorrow/Monday, and early last week after that job annoucement came out I pretty much immediately emailed my supervisor and told her that I’d like to have a few minutes to talk to her to discuss the new development of the job openings before I get moved to new position and they invest in the training for it.
She completely ignored it.
I finally had to corner her on it when Friday she asked me if I could be in at a certain time Monday to start the new training session. So I responded “So I take it that means there’s no chance of moving to that other position I asked about?”
“Well, I was going to respond to your email,” she said, making me wonder when since it had already been several days since I had sent it and it had said the whole point was to talk to her before the job change was to happen, “but sorry, we’ve decided we need to keep you in this other position for now, and maybe later if your production numbers improve we can discuss the possibilities of a move.”
Which is, of course, total bullshit, and I’m certain at this point they have no intention of ever allowing me to move into a position that I don’t hate. I am, in fact, on the borderline of wondering if they’re actually trying to get me to quit. I mean, how could a management staff be this shitty to an employee and still expect them to stick around?

Well, if that’s the case, hopefully it won’t be long before their (and my) wish is granted, and I find something somewhere else. Jobs are starting to get posted in the paper – they all suck, but it’s better than the complete nothingness that was there a few months ago. It’s all crap like retail and customer service jobs, which I wouldn’t do again unless it was the only option I had to not live out of a cardboard box – but hopefully that’s a sign that other stuff will be appearing soon, and I plan to jump on anything that comes out that I think I’d be able to do, even if it’s not in my current field.
After which I will happily tell this company to kiss my ass as I walk out the door.


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