Reading Update

June 7, 2009 at 4:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Thanks to PaperBack Swap, I now have a stack (literally) of books I need to read my way through – to the point where I actually had to put my trades on hold for a while to give myself some time to read stuff.
This site absolutely works great – thanks to other readers who are willing to exchange books they no longer need for new ones, you can get books to read (and keep) for only the cost of the shipping on a book of your own that you send to someone else.
I’m on my third right now and have a stack of four more waiting to be read, and a whole bunch more on my “wish list” on the site that I can start getting once I go through those.
Yay books!



  1. Imelda said,

    OMG, you’ve been sucked in too!!! I signed up back in Feb and have only requested a few books, but swapped a lot more. I’ve put my bookshelf on hold because I can only spend so much on postage. I love the site!

  2. shadoglare said,

    Hehe yea I had to put my account on hold too to keep from mailing too much stuff out – I have plenty to read for a while before I need to build up more credits 🙂

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