LabGirl Update

June 7, 2009 at 3:44 pm (Dating and Girls)

Things are continuing to go just fine with LabGirl and I.

Back a few weeks ago we passed one year of dating, which we celebrated by going out for sushi and then revisiting the Young at Heart Festival (which unfortunately sucked this year as they had zero musicals acts worth checking out).

The idea of us shacking up has started to pop up in conversation more, though no real serious conversations, though she has mentioned a few concerns, the primary one being that for some reason she’s worried that because I don’t like my job and that I mentioned I actually had a great time when I was unemployed around 2002, that it meant there was a possibility that in actuality I was a bum and may decide to just become a big mooch after moving in.
Hopefully my explaining that I’ve been part of the workforce for over 20 years now without a break except for that short stint in ’02 where I couldn’t find a job (not to mention little factors of my personality such as, oh, ethics and morals) helped convince her that my work ethic wouldn’t allow that, since for some reason me still being at a job I’ve hated to my core and have wanted to leave for nearly a year now hasn’t done that.

We’re both trying to be more active now that’s the weather is warming up and it’s actually been kind of a challenge since neither of us is by nature a really active person. I took her out to try tennis last weekend (I have ancient tennis equipment that’s been collecting dust in storage for well over a decade) and I think she was very discouraged at how challenging it actually is, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get her back on the court – we “played” for nearly an hour and I think only one or two times managed to actually hit the ball back and forth – otherwise it was a mix of serves that didn’t go where they were supposed to or complete misses when trying to return a serve. I, however, am considering buying a big-ass box of 50 or so used tennis balls for cheap and then just sitting there practicing serves over and over and over and over until I start getting the hang of it.
I’d also like to go mountain biking but she doesn’t have a bike and neither of us is going to have the money to buy another one this year, so that’s out.
And she seems not even an inkling interested in golf or disc golf.
And the dancing thing really went over like a lead balloon, which I was surprised of, I mean considering she’s a girl and all 😉 I may try to revisit that one at a later time though.
She *is* interested in volleyball, but that’s a game you actually need teams for, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out unless we sign up to play with a bunch of strangers through the local park district or something like that, and I’m really not sure how much fun that would end up being for us.

Oh, and we’re going camping again over the last weekend of June, though I wouldn’t exactly call that “active.”

At the least if later in the year we do end up sharing a living space we’ll probably end up doing after-work walks and that type of thing more often, especially now that she’s adopted her brother’s dog, as one of the main reasons I’m not over there more often to do that type of thing now is just that I end up being stuck at home having to take care of stuff that needs to be taken care of around the house so often. (Speaking of that, that just reminded me that I have laundry I need to do).

Also, I’ve been noticing her more frequently pointing out how cute babies are while we’re out and about, and how pretty such-and-such wedding dress is that there’s a shot of on TV. In the past this might throw up huge red flags for me, but oddly, I’m not bothered at all.


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  1. Joy said,

    “In the past this might throw up huge red flags for me, but oddly, I’m not bothered at all. ” — That made me go AWWWWWW. 🙂 I’m glad things are going well for you these days!

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