Gaming Update

June 7, 2009 at 4:22 pm (Gaming & RPGs)

Starting to get back into the board gaming, at least in an online PBEM fashion (though I did manage to recruit LabGirl and a couple of family members into playing Carcassonne a few times which was cool; now if only I could get them to try pretty much anything else…) – and still pretty much continually getting my butt kicked, but still having fun with it.

Currently I’m digging the following (with links to online play):

Axis & Allies
Lost Cities
Balloon Cup
Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers
Tally Ho!”

Unfortunately I have not yet found a play-by-email version of Settlers of Catan, or I’d be all over that puppy.

There are also a few games out there that seem like they’d be interesting, but have obnoxious rule books, and I am just finding that more and more if it seems like it takes longer to read the rules than to actually play the game, I’m going to lose interest by about the third paragraph. Games falling into this category are Vikings, Oregon, Yspahan, Peurto Rico (which has gotten great ratings from players for ages but that I just have not had the patient to sit down and read all the rules for), Reef Encounter, and Tikal.
Maybe if I get really, really, really bored some day and have nothing better to do I may sit down and try to figure out the rules to these neat-looking-but-complicated-sounding games – otherwise I’m going to stick to just getting my butt kicked at the ones that have simpler rules but are fun to play 🙂


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