OK, I done told her

May 14, 2009 at 10:47 pm (Dating and Girls)

OK, I finally remembered to tell her about the blog tonight.

And warned her that generally it’s pretty negative and really just a place for me to vent and whine when I need to so I can spout it out here instead of making her listen to the full diatribe.

And really, to be flatly honest, pretty damned boring most of the time.

But, it’s here, and she should know about it.

Hi, LabGirl. I loves you 😀



  1. Graumagus said,

    You didn’t tell her about the site where we photoshop all our women with naked midgets, did you?

  2. shadoglare said,

    Nah, but I think that one was probably just assumed.

  3. Bruce said,

    So remember….. no cant talk about that. how about… no cant bring that up. Hmm How was your coffee this morning? LOL

    Just kidding. Its pretty much all we do on our own blogs is vent and complain about work, life and the world in general.

  4. Contagion said,

    Wait, she didn’t raise holy hell about you keeping secrets and stuff? Did you go back and clean up the pr0n links? Does this mean at the beer tasting we can tell her about all those secret posts you have about her and finally ask her if it’s all true?

    Just Kidding Labgirl. Shadoglare would never do that. Ever! I swear!

    (Shadoglare, send the money to the PO Box!)

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