*Trying* not to be negative, but…

April 18, 2009 at 10:46 am (Uncategorized)

OK after the first near-week of my “new job,” it looks like this one may, although I wasn’t sure it was possible, pay even less than the previous one.
The area seems to have limited work to be done, and if there isn’t work to do, nobody gets paid.
In fact, my new coworkers have pretty much told me that it’s been slow for a little while now, so they are absolutely perplexed why the management would add on another person to the team.
I actually emailed my supervisor (actually as of Wednesday previous supervisor, as with my change in job duties came a change in management) and straight-out asked her if there was not another area of the company that could not better use my help. She responded stating that she discussed it again with the office director, and that it was again determined this was the only possible place I could be moved.
To be followed about three hours later by others in my cubicle saying rumor has it that one of the other groups is bringing on a bunch of people soon.
You know, I thought my previous employer was bad about feeding bullshit to their employees, but this one has them topped by far.

[Oh, and it’s a very small matter compared to the other stuff – but as of Friday it was announced that they’ve decided that they can no longer afford to give free coffee to the employees, so next week they’re installing a vending machine instead. I bought a Thermos last night so I can bring my own – I’m not going to pay for the “privilege” of drinking nasty-ass vending machine coffee.]

I did more digging about electrician training today – LabGirl has been kind of subtly encouraging me to go in that direction as well, but I haven’t because of concerns I still have from when I discussed the topic a few months ago.
This morning I found a recent newsletter from one of the local electrician’s unions, and there was a small section in it about apprenticeships, and it wasn’t encouraging at all – in a nutshell it said something along the lines of “Work continues to be slow right now, and currently we only have a few lineman trainees starting training for apprenticeship.”
So really I’m not sure I want to put a bunch of time and effort (and probably lost wages) into a job field where I may not be able to find a job. I’ll continue to keep an eye on it, though.

The updated resume’ is just about ready to go; I think I did the best I could in trying to make my rather repetitive “could be done by a trained chimp” job history with this employer sound more appealing, and I have a new toner cartridge on the way as the one I have is being flakey and I don’t want to end up having to give a potential interviewer something with stripes going down the page.
Thinking I should probably read it over again as well as I don’t even remember what most of the older sections even say any more.


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