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March 29, 2009 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Normally when posting is this slow for me, it’s one of two things happening: either I have a whole shitload of stuff going on, so that I don’t have time to post, or I have so little going on that I have little to nothing that I feel is worth writing about.

Unfortunately right now it’s the latter. Life is pretty damned boring right now.
A lot of it is that I’m seriously itching for warmer weather to get here so I can do more outside – I enjoy outdoor activities quite a bit, whether it be festivals or biking or outdoor games or camping or walking or just hanging out around a firepit – and none of that stuff has really been an option since around oh, fucking early October. Basically, I’ve been stuck indoors for six months now, and it’s driving me up a damned wall, to the point where I’ve pretty much just started shutting down and going through the motions of going to work and trying to find something, anything to do with LabGirl on the weekends that we haven’t already done during the winter months. You can only take so many movies and museum trips before even the thought of it bores you. I even got bored with gaming, for heaven’s sake.
I did try to get LabGirl interested in learning some ballroom dance, but it didn’t take very well. May give it another try later.
And every week I look at the local event calendar to find: nothing. Jack. Squat.
Basically, the entire city is in a slumber from late October to late May.
This happens to me every year so I don’t know why I’m surprised – in fact this year I tried to convince myself that I’d try to enjoy the winter more – learn something like cross country skiing, go snow shoeing, put on some winter exercise gear and go down to the rec path, and so on, but it didn’t happen. Turns out… I seriously, seriously hate the cold, and all I want to do in the winter is stay inside and try to stay warm.

Despite all that LabGirl still seems pretty happy, which I’m very glad for as I know (and tried to warn her) that I tend to turn into a bit of a stump during the winter months. Everything seems to be working out well in this category – talk of shacking up has come up repeatedly (if it happens it will probably be in the fall), her family has started inviting me to activities and we all get along pretty well, and my parents seem to like LabGirl more than any other girl that I’ve dated in my entire life – to the point where it almost freaks me out a little. They usually take a pretty “whatever” attitude towards the girls I date, but whenever I bring this girl over they chat her up constantly.

Still pretty much getting fucked over at work, but I have CareerBuilder sending me an email every single day with the new job listings and there’s never anything in there worth looking at, so I’m continuing to deal with it.

Oh, and last week I lost 41% in the stock market, costing me over $300 in a matter of just a few days.
Learned several lessons from that one that I won’t bore everybody with, the biggest probably being that 3x ETFs suck ass, and that diversification may be important even when you’re dealing with relatively small amounts of cash.
Oh, and I blame it on Obama. If his administration hadn’t announced that shitty bank plan on Monday I wouldn’t have gotten hit like that.

Oh, and most people reading this probably already know, but my bud Graumagus finally has a blog again, this time with a bit more orgie over at FrizzenSparks.org. He take a break for a couple of years from his political and social commentary, and we end up with fucking Obama in the white house. See what happens??


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