Had a Good V-Day

February 15, 2009 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Started the day by getting to the florist at 10:00 to pick up the bouquet I reserved, then made my way to the hospital where LabGirl works, and after getting a few directions from the folks at the information desk who didn’t seem all that sure themselves, eventually made my way down into the into the lower hidden bowels of the hospital where visitors normally don’t go, and without too much trouble found the lab where she works.
To find that she had left for lunch.
But, her co-workers let me wait it out in one of the lab’s offices, and when she got back from lunch they told her there was a doctor waiting to talk to her in the office – where she walked in and found me and a bunch of flowers instead. 🙂

I wasn’t able to stay long, as she did have work she needed to get done, but she seemed very happy for the surprise regardless.

Afterwards I went over to my parents’ house for a while as they wanted to see me as well, and there I had lunch finished off with some chocolate cake, and then hung out with my nephew for a while, first taking him to a comic & game shop to look around and then spending some time in an arcade (where I got high score on Donkey Kong! Yah! And no, it probably had nothing to do with the fact that nobody else ever plays the game, even though I did get high score only making it to level 4 😛 ).

Then in the evening LabGirl came over to my place, where I made strawberry balsamic chicken with berry flavored sparkling water to go with it:

Afterwards I made a chocolate fondue which we dipped strawberries and other fruit into while sitting in front of the fireplace and drinking champagne.

Being our first V-Day together, I also got her a fairly fancy-shmancy heart-shaped box of chocolates, which was covered in padded velvet and had a sort of braided gold trim around the edge.

I did have to apologize to her a little earlier in the week and forewarned her that she probably wouldn’t be getting any gifts as the only ones I could think of that would be worthwhile (rather than just obligatory) I would have to order and wouldn’t be able to get there on time.
But, considering how happy she looked as we snuggled and ate chocolate covered strawberries in front of the fire, I don’t think she minded much.


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