Obama takes on CEO of GE as economic advisor

February 7, 2009 at 1:05 pm (Political Ponderings)

Obama said the members of the board are private citizens outside the government who are qualified on the basis of achievement, experience, independence and integrity.

(full story)

Because, you know, how GE has been losing money for ages while still (until very recently) doing business with countries like Iran is the perfect example of economic achievement and integrity.

So I wonder just how far in bed with the Obama administration GE will end up being? Could this be one of the reasons that CNBC (owned by GE) has been the official Obama Cheerleader Network for the last couple of years? I wonder how many of the planned government funds for “green energy technologies” are going to go straight to GE projects?
Does nobody else see this as a huge conflict of interest?

Again, I must take a moment to bitch about Obama’s “No special interests in Washington” promises from the campaign.



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