TV Watchin’ Update

January 22, 2009 at 7:53 pm (Movies & TV)

Man, I have a feeling my Netflix Queue may end up getting backed up again from lack of time to watch movies (at least till summer 😛 ) – lots of nifty stuff comin’ back on the air!

Battlestar Galactica has started back up, now in it’s final season and the last 10 episodes before completion of the story. Some damned interesting stuff going on with the season 4.5 opener, and I still consider this to be among my top shows even though I have to Hulu the dang thing to watch it.

Although it could end up falling into that “guilty pleasure” category, I’m really enjoying Legend of the Seeker. It’s just fun and kinda campy fantasy-adventure. Good stuff.

Lost is back, and already has me worried. I’ve been a huge fan of this show for a long time, but it had really started to drag. Not only that, but they resorted to the storyline that almost always shows the writers are scraping the bottom of the idea barrel: fukkin’ time travel. Hopefully they move past it quickly and turn to something a little more interesting.

Crusoe is a pretty new series that I thought started out pretty strongly, but is also quickly getting tired. Loved the theme, but it appears there’s only so much you can do with a guy stuck on a deserted island during the 1700’s. Not sure how much longer I’ll be watching this one.

Returning in a week or so that I’m also looking forward to: Heroes, and Terminator

Not to mention, a couple of new shows starting up soon that I’m wanting to check out:

Dollhouse (the new Joss Wheden project that will probably get cancelled halfway into the first season):

and Castle, a new show starring Nathan Fillion, whom I really dig as an actor but who has been suffering from Fox cancellations for quite a while – hopefully this one being on ABC might mean it could actually run at least a whole season.


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