Ponderings on a shaving kit

December 9, 2008 at 1:10 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, so this probably isn’t really “blog-worthy,” but most of the stuff I write probably isn’t, so I’ll deal.
Art of Manliness today posted an entry where they are giving a chance to win a classic shave set just for leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS or email feeds.
The idea seems cool. I’ve never used an old-fashioned safety razor or lathered up my jowls with a brush, but it’s something I’ve been considering trying out to see how it works out.
Hell, most days I pretty much just do a rush job with a low-end Norelco electric, and when I do take the extra time to use a blade, it’s with a cheap disposable.

Shaving stuff is expensive though – between the safety razor, the badger hair brush, and all the chemical goodies to apply to your face, it’d probably be at least a good $60+ just to get enough to try it out, and that’s if I go cheap.

Hmmm… you know I’ve been tossing around the idea for months of checking out an old-fashioned barber to get my hair cut rather than the salon-ish joint I usually go to, and I have a haircut due not too far off in the future. I may need to make a few calls and see how much it would cost for a haircut & shave (and if I get a discount because they can shave around the goat 😛 )


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