Time for an update

December 8, 2008 at 8:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Whew. Just finished my “Intro to Visual Arts” final exam, which makes the second final I had today, and marks the end of the semester for me.
There’s at least one less major stress in my life.
Man, haven’t written anything since Thanksgiving – ah well, seems like most of the people who write in blogs that I check out now and then have been pretty light in the writings over the last several months, why be any different.

So… what have I been up to.
Well, this week I got even older, completing my 37th trip around the sun. Interestingly my mother seemed to forget how old I am – she was talking about someone who lived a couple houses down that I used to hang with sometimes as a kid, and said something about how he was 40 now, and how she didn’t remember him being that much older than me. “That’s because he’s not,” I said. “Uhhh… I’m going to be 40 in three years myself, remember?” She just momentarily got this slightly ghastly look on her face and she said nothing else on the subject. Kind of reminded me of the time I broke it to her that I had grey hair. Apparently me getting old makes her feel really old.
Oh, and for my birthday Labgirl gave me a mandolin after I had mentioned a little while back that I was really interested in picking one up – and the paint job even matching my guitar perfectly. It’s awesome. Even though I broke two strings on the first day trying to tune it and have no clue how to play it yet. I’ll learn though, especially now that I’m no longer going to be feeling like every spare minute is going into homework.

Had a pretty nice weekend. On Saturday Labgirl and I “Double Dated” it with friends Contagion & Ktreva, having a very nice dinner at the Olympic, and then going to a tiny theater in a small neighboring town to see A Christmas Carol. It was truly tiny, and a couple of the actors were God-awful, but overall it was still entertaining and not all that bad for being a podunk-town theater production. There’s just something about A Christmas Carol that I really dig and I always look forward to seeing it every year – although it’s usually recordings of both the Patrick Stewart version, and, well, the Muppet version (sorry, but it rocks 😛 ). But I’ve always wanted to see it in play form as well, so this was a nice opportunity.

On Sunday night Labgirl and I practiced our first at-home ballroom dance lessons, which was pretty nice. I guess I’ve had a bit of a romantic bug lately and have been wanting to learn, and there’s a dance group in town that has dances every other weekend I think it is. And at least for the basic steps I think we did pretty good – it seems to be easier than the swing steps we were trying to learn over the summer. Plus it would just be fun to have an excuse to get her into a foofy dress.

Still working on closing out my business by year end, and will probably spend a good chunk of tomorrow catching up on the taxes that I haven’t bothered to file for most of the year (mainly because I haven’t sold much for most of the year) so that I can have that cleared and be able to close out my tax account.

Ummmm let’s see – last week Labgirl also helped me put up my Christmas tree, which is by the windows again. Noticed a lot of trees in the area already, which is kind of cool. I dig Christmas decorations.

Ummm TV I’m watching: Heroes is still kind of interesting. Gave up on Fringe long ago. Started watching a new syndicated show called Legend of the Seeker which I’ve been liking, but I missed probably the first six episodes of it so I need to see if I can find it online somewhere to catch up. And I’ve also been enjoying Crusoe, though NBC moved it to Saturdays, which for a show on a major network is pretty much a death toll. And that’s pretty much it on the tube-watchin’ front, although I did just kick my Netflix subscription back up to 3 at a time instead of 1 – I kicked it down while in school and my queue of waiting DVDs is up to like 54 now! I need to get working on that!


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