November 4, 2008 at 8:18 pm (Political Ponderings)

So today I “did my civic duty” and stopped to vote before heading to work.
I went in at about 8:30a, in hopes that I’d miss some of the crowd since theoretically a whole bunch of people should be at work.
Well, if that’s the case, I’d hate to see what it was like around 6pm – I had to stand in line for over half an hour as it was.
I actually get pretty excited to vote – it was an exhilerating experience, and many people all seemed to be in good spirits – didn’t mind chatting with others in line at all.

Yes, I voted for Bob Barr.
And for a whole lot of Republicans. There’s such a run to elect Democrats right now that I’m really concerned that there will be a serious imbalance. From what I can recall the only Democrat I voted for was for one of the judges, and that was because of a personal recommendation from someone who’s actually dealt with that judge.
There were a lot of judges where the vote was basically “Should they stay? Yes/No” – I was really tempted to hit No on the whole lot of them, but I decided in the end to be nice since I didn’t really know anything about them.

And yes, I voted Yes for firearms concealed carry.

Interesting tidbit I just heard over the radio from ABC news: regardless of how “energized” they were supposed to be, apparently (based on early exit polls) young voters (aka under 30) again decided that couldn’t be bothered to actually get off their asses to vote this year – so far comprising of only 17% of voters – exactly the same as in 2004. I’m curious if the fact that one of Obama’s primary support groups can’t be bothered to get off their asses will cause him any problems.

***As I type this, just in: Obama wins Illinois. Color. Me. Shocked. .. *cough*


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  1. Contagion said,

    HE won with 0% of the precincts reporting too, love Chicago.

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