Goodnight, Opus

November 2, 2008 at 9:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Today cartoonist Berkeley Breathed finally laid to rest Opus, the beloved pudgy little penguin who started life in the widely loved Bloom County, a strip which ran for many years and after cancellation was mostly reincarnated as Outland very shortly afterwards; a strip that was originally meant to center around one of the more minor characters in the original strip but quickly fell back into following the more popular characters instead.
Outland had about six year run and was ended in 1995, assumingly with our favorite characters to never be seen again.

When Breathed announced he would be again resuscitating Opus for a new strip in 2003 I was excited to say the least – I think I may even still have the little “coming soon” drawing he did to promote it on his website saved somewhere. I even collected the Sunday newspaper for a while.
I have to admit though, my interest faded quickly – sadly it just wasn’t very interesting – the cartoon seemed to have eroded down to being a weekly political stab that usually wasn’t even funny, and many weeks I had trouble even figuring out what part of the strip was supposed to be the funny part.
The artist states he is putting an end to the strip because he feels the country is headed for dark times and that he wanted to “end on a lighter note,” but I suspect lack of reader enthusiasm probably plays a part as well.

Either way, it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. Sleep well, my friend. You’ll be missed.


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