New music, financial restraints, and singles

October 26, 2008 at 11:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Warning: Very Youtube-heavy 😛

So I’ve got a fairly large and eclectic music collection, however I listen to music A LOT thanks mostly to spending 40+ hours a week mindlessly typing crap into a computer, so I’ve gotten bored with most of it.

Tonight I went over to good ole’ to preview the new Metallica album to see if it was worth buying – and yeah, I was less than impressed. Although it’s nowhere near as bad as that last stinking turdpile of an album (St. Anger), it still isn’t exactly something I’d go out of my way to listen to.
But, while there, I decided to do some poking around, and surfed the “People who bought this album also liked….” selections to see if there was anything more interesting.

I ran across a sort of sub-genre that I found pretty interesting, called “orchestral metal,” or sometimes referred to as “progressive metal.” Reminds me a bit of the stuff I was more into back in the 90s, actually.
Most of it seems to be sort of an odd mixture of music that borderlines on death-metal (which I hate), but with the constant twin bas drums and screaming dialed back just a notch, and with the addition of synthesizers. Adds some interesting sound to music that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have found very interesting.

A few of the things I found were (noting that studio videos will be “more pop-y” than most of their music in hopes of more mass appeal):


A side project of the lead of another “heavier” band by the name of Edguy, this album has several tracks that are much heavier than this one, and a few that are more on this “pop” level. Actually not sold on this one yet, but I find it sorta intriguing.

Within Temptation

From the “I can’t believe it’s not Evanescence” files


From the same file as the last band, although this one mixes it up by occasionally throwing in a gravelly death-metal dude into the vocals.

Symphony X

These guys seem to just be a little closer to more traditional “heavy metal” with the addition of a keyboard – not bad.

Blackmore’s Night

Not even in the same genre as the other bands, but interestingly still came up in the “People who bought this also bought…” selections. This band seems pretty cool – sort of a mix of traditional tunes as well as some more modern stuff all with a Renaissance and/or Celtic flair. Sort of reminds me of that Lorena McKinnet chick. This video, like so many of the studio created ones, is probably not the best of their work.

And man, those are just the ones I discovered tonight.

Also in the plans:

A Fine Frenzy

Young Dubliners

Jack Johnson

Rebecca Pidgeon

Jeremy Camp

(I’m not usually into “God Rock,” but this dude is surprisingly talented regardless of the subject matter)


Armored Saint

Bernard Allison

The Spin Doctors released Nice Talking to Me which from what I’ve heard actually doesn’t suck, going more back towards their original sound.

Oh, and Mark Selby, one of my favorites blues rock artists, recently released a new CD that I haven’t picked up yet as well.

….So – that leaves me with a problem. that being that I don’t have an extra $250 or so to blow on new CDs! So if I do blow some cash, what do I blow it on? Hmmm…

One solution might be to just buy the tracks I really like, I suppose. Many of these have the option to buy individual mp3s over Amazon for about a buck a pop – it’s something I’ve done before when I wanted a specific song but didn’t care about the rest of the album.

Actually that makes me wonder if the onset of these mp3 singles has increased revenue for the record companies – I’ve heard their numbers have started to go back up again. I remember hearing as well that they were thinking to doing CD singles again – something they stopped doing years and years ago when they figured they could just sucker people into paying $15+ for the whole CD even if all they wanted was the one song they heard on the radio.
I think the mp3 single is probably a better idea, especially since you can pick and choose which songs you want, rather than only getting the choice of whatever song is popular on the radio at the time – and especially better if, like myself, most of the music you listen to just plain isn’t on popular radio.
Hmm… it’s a thought…


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