Random car vandals: WTF

October 25, 2008 at 2:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, it didn’t happen to my car, which I suppose is a good thing in itself, but it did happen to LabGirl’s, which probably makes me feel even worse for her than it would have for myself. Especially considering she just bought her car less than two weeks ago.

We were visiting her brother and his wife last night to celebrate his birthday, and we discovered what happened around 12:45a when we left to go home.

We got into the car (small SUV actually), shut the doors, and heard something falling at the back of the car.
Of course instantly wondering WTF the noise was, we look back, and notice that a pretty sizeable portion of the rear window is missing.
We get out to take a look, and yeah, there’s tinted glass everywhere, mostly on the inside of the rear compartment, but some also on the ground, and a few pieces in the back seat and all the way up into the cup holder area in the front of the car – somebody whacked that window with some pretty solid force – we’re thinking possibly with a baseball bat or something.

We’ve really no idea why it happened – she’s seriously not the type of person who would be specifically targeted by that sort of hatefulness, so I can only figure she must have been the unlucky receiptient of some shithead’s random vandolism.

She’s got insurance for it but will still have to pay the $100 deductable.
Unbelievable – brand new (at least to her) car, and somebody fucks it up in less than two weeks.


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