Today’s Taste Tests – Bad Chese, Bad Beer

October 14, 2008 at 10:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Camembert Cheese

Bought this on a whim today.
It’s a light-colored, light tasting cheese. It has a sort of waxy coating, which I’m not sure if you’re supposed to remove before eating or not – the image on package showed a slice sitting on top of a cracker, waxy coating and all, so I assume that’s the way it’s meant to be eaten.
What’s sad though is the cheese itself pretty much tastes like the waxy coating, and sort of has the same consistency.
That said, it might be trying to eat it by itself that was a problem – it has such a light taste that it might take something like a wine or fruit or something to bring out the taste. May try that, but I’m not expecting anything great out of this one.

Berghoff Rock River Red Ale

Another “on a whim” purchase, I bought this in hopes of what might be a semi-local version of an Irish red beer. See, the Rock River is a fairly large river that runs through this area.

I was, in short, very dissapointed.
First off, it’s not red. At all. Not even close. It’s really sort of the color of watered-down cola.
And it taste like… how to put this… shit.
Seriously, it tastes horrible. As in I literally had trouble finishing the bottle, practically having to choke it down.

I’m actually wondering – in fact almost hoping, for their sake – if maybe I got a bad batch. Because I mean, seriously, this stuff is among the worst I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some awfully shitty beers in my time.

And by the way, no, the beer did not enhance the flavor of the cheese 😛


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