Girls in Jerseys

October 4, 2008 at 12:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Recently Contagion was talking about the rules of football jerseys.

One of them was this:

5. Jerseys must match the color scheme of your team. If your team does not play in color scheme of your jersey, it is not acceptable. (A lot of teams sell third color jerseys. The Green Bay Packers have Green as their primary color for home games, and white for the away. You can get a jersey where yellow is the primary color, the yellow jersey is not acceptable).

And he and I basically had the same thought – there needs to be an amendment for women. I mean hell, we give women passes all the time for stuff they do that isn’t considered “official,” but that is still attractive. And even as someone who isn’t a football nut, I have to admit that there are a lot of times that a girl in a jersey is kinda hot – and on a lot of girls a more feminine jersey like something in pink only helps the effect.

As an aside, it turns out LabGirl has gotten interested in attending football parties with me even though she’s even less of a football fan than I am – kind of for the same reasons – she digs the camaraderie even more than the game itself. And, she’s mentioned that she wants a jersey.
Now, I’ve mentioned the pink ones to her, telling her I think they’d be cute on her, but she didn’t seem too enthused about the idea. It may end up from getting her more than one, but she’ll probably end up wearing one sooner or later just because I think her jersey would look good as something in pink. Of course… I suppose if it were fully up to me it’d be in something pink, skin-tight, and shiny… but I digress…

Anyway, the rules need an official amendment. Because girls in jerseys are hot, regardless of the color.



  1. Contagion said,

    You didn’t quote the entire rule. Section 5B clearly states:

    “5B. The specialized jerseys for females are acceptable for females. (They sell pink, fluorescent and rhinestoned jerseys fitted for women.)”

    I think you choose to ignore that part just as excuse to post pictures of girls in jerseys… we thank you for that.

    BTW football sunday is here again.

  2. shadoglare said,

    Ah, see I didn’t read it close enough – I assumed when you defended female jerseys in your own post, that the rules were firmly against them – I hadn’t read far enough to see the already placed amendment – Ah well – still a good post for the pics 😛

  3. Bruce said,

    I agree….Contagion SHUT IT. Girls in jerseys are hot. Rules dont apply!

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