The VP debate: yet more reason to vote for neither

October 3, 2008 at 7:18 pm (Political Ponderings)

So last night VP candidates Biden and Palin had a “debate.”
Really it was more of a series of taking turns giving pre-written speeches, but whatever.

Now, Biden I don’t really care about. Obama is not getting my vote.
McCain probably was getting my vote until he brought on Palin.
The woman is just so far out of her league that it’s pathetic – every time she interviews I just want to cringe.
It’s kind of like – have you ever had a class where the teacher spring a surprise essay quiz on you, and you were required to write like a page worth of essay… but you either didn’t study well or didn’t remember much, so you just put down the couple of tidbits that you could actually remember, and then filled in the rest of the page either with bullshit fluff you pulled outta yer arse, or went off on unrelated tangents, in hopes that whoever graded it wouldn’t notice that you didn’t really know what the hell you were talking about?
Yeah – that’s the way Palin answers every question she gets asked, and she did it again through the entire debate.

Yes, I’d like the “bringing politics back to the average guy” schtick.. if she could convince me she had even the slightest clue what she was doing. So far, she’s been completely unsuccessful. Bah.


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