Thoughts about a few of this season’s TV shows

October 1, 2008 at 10:54 am (Movies & TV)

Although it might fall into the “guilty pleasure” category, this has surprizingly become one of the most entertaining shows of the season.
Frankly when it first came out I didn’t have high hopes for it – although I was a fan of the movies and enjoyed checking out concept art and so on for the Terminator “universe,” as of 2008 the storyline was frankly a bit tired, and although it was great for a few hours of sci-fi action, I didn’t see how it could be expanded to fill an entire television series – what I expected was basically the “robot fight of the week,” which was, during the first season, pretty much what I got… and as I suspected, it started getting old.
Admittedly however, the new season has gotten much more inventive, with episodes involving corporate espionage (with a T1000 (or I think it may have been a slightly newer model) somehow being at the head of this mega-corporation (creating a bit of mystery – how did she get there? Why would she bother? How does she have a kid?)… and in this week’s episode the “good” terminator suddenly having flashbacks of the p.o.w. that she was originally designed to mimick.
The show has definitely exceeded my expectations, and I’m very interested to see how long they can keep it up.

New this season, and apparently a big hit, Fringe is what can probably be most easily described as a mix between the X-Files and CSI.
Every episode something freaky (and usually deadly or at least highly criminal) happens, which is discovered to be related to some sort of “fringe science,” which the mad-scientist type dude who worked on that stuff with the government decades ago uses to try to track down the criminal with the help of a cop.
With this one – how it pretty much works is each episode starts out pretty darned good, but then after the first commercial it immediately starts putting me to sleep.
I’m giving it one more episode, and if it doesn’t improve, I’m going to stop bothering with it.

Originally writing it off as “probably yet another XMen ripoff,” I completely ignored this one until partway into season 2, after which I rented it from the beginning and got seriously hooked.
This new season, though – I dono. Honestly I’m kind of bored so far… there just hasn’t been much all that new or interesting happening. However, the show does have sort of a slow story progression so I’ll give this one a little while before judging.

Was thinking of watching it after the TV movie that came out last fall actually wasn’t all that bad.
However, with school, my time is limited, and I’ve yet to hear or read a good review of the new series – in fact most just seem to be saying that it’s downright horrible.
Was fun to watch for a one-time shot with a movie, but for the series, I’ve decided I’m not going to bother.


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